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Curtis was a tall man towered over everyone

You’d never know that he was a billionaire's son 

He made everyone feel taller than him

He had it all but you’d never know 

He owned Virginia, though it would never show

Made everyone feel richer than him

Curtis was a young man with a long gray beard

You can’t see his face which seems kinda weird

Said he’d like to shave it off one day

He wants to shave it off one day

Curtis kept both feet firmly on the ground 

Deep rooted family never moved around 

He treated every day like it’s the last

And every penny like the last

His clothes belonged belonged in the trash

Pearly whites behind a thick mustache 

He always felt he had to hide this way 

Always tried to hide himself this way   

Curtis is a tall man so tired of everyone

You would never know his face was to a gun

He had his face pointed to a gun

He was a billionaire’s son 

He was a billionaire’s son

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